The Constitution of Rolof computer Academy is supreme and abiding guidelines for the smooth running and management of the Institution.

The Governing Council:

The administration of the institution is vested in the Governing Council.The council issues policy guide lines and determine the major responsibilities of all organs of the i nstitutions. ------ Mr Lucky Ofuafor

The Rector:

The Chief Executive Officer of the Institution. The Rector is responsible for the implementations of all directives, policies, mandate of the Governing Council and responsible to the Governing Council. The rector give account of all administrative, personnel, financial and academic matters to the governing council. ------ Mrs Josephine Ofuafor

The Registrar:

Responsible for all academic matters, and personnel matters. Assist the Rector to discharge all personnel, and Academic matters. The Registrar is also responsible to the Rector for all due activities, serving as the Secretary of the Governing council.------ Miss Blossom Oyem

The Administrator:

Responsible for managing budgets, overseeing administrative staff, developing policies and procedures, ensuring compliance with regulations, managing facilities and equipment, and collaborating with other educators to improve student outcomes efficiently and effectively.------ Miss Lydia Gwafodun

The Bursar:

The Bursary is the Head of account department, responsible to the Rector and is expected to assist the Rector discharge and perform all his financial responsibilities.------ Miss Gladys Eseih

The Librarian:

The Librarian presides on all Library affairs. He determines and recommend to the Rector the necessary acquisition for the library and general reading of the school. The four Principal Officers and Head of Department of all schools are composed into board of studies.------ Miss Ese Ochuko